Tech Discovery Conference 2024

How can tech help companies meet the challenges of our time? We invite you to an inspirational day full of learnings, insights, and success stories by academic, industrial, and technological thought leaders - completely free for our partners.

April 25th 2024 - Munich | 09:00 - 18:00 | Highlight Towers

Welcome to Discovery 2024

Our full-day Tech Discovery conference will take place on April 25th at Highlight Towers in Munich. Our goal is to exchange ideas and knowledge with the brightest minds in the german deep tech industry. Inspired by our own internal hackathon, our Tech Discovery Conference is an exclusive event focusing on expert-level tech and business discussions.

This event is a must for innovation enthusiasts and decision-makers who want to stay ahead of the curve and find practical solutions for real-world problems. Come along to benchmark, share opinions, and build lasting relationships. Sign up now to stay updated on speaker and agenda announcements.

Highlight Towers | Design Offices 
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 6, 80807 München


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Confirmed Speakers 2024:

Dr. Stefan Kampmann
Dr. Stefan Kampmann
Innovation and DeepTech Advisor &alwaysahead

Dr. Stefan Kampmann is a graduate physicist and a PhD engineer. For over 20 years, Stefan has been deeply involved with combustion engines, electronics, semiconductors, and MEMS sensors in development, manufacturing, and technical sales at Bosch, where he served as Executive Vice President for Automotive Electronics, EVP for Electromobility, and ultimately EVP for Powertrain, among other roles. As CTO at Osram, he was responsible for transitioning from conventional light sources like halogen and xenon to LED. In his capacity as CTO at Voith, he drove digitalization and innovation projects for new revenue streams, such as H2 tank systems for fuel cell trucks and energy storage for stationary solutions with redox flow batteries. Stefan has been leveraging this profound domain expertise since December 2023 as an Innovation and DeepTech Advisor at &alwaysahead.

Alexandre Haag
Co-Founder & CEO at Futurail

Alexandre Haag is one of the leading European experts in autonomous driving. Over the years, Alex has developed strong experience in taking innovative ideas and transforming them into products. He has a passion for software intelligence applied to physical systems and good, simple engineering. Alex holds an M.Sc. from MIT and Ecole Polytechnique, France, and started his career in the robotics industry. He then built up an impressive track record in the field of autonomous driving. First as a key lead in the Tesla Autopilot team, then as CTO and Managing Director at Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH, and finally as VP of OEM Relations at Argo. In 2022, Alex decided to focus on Futurail, a venture that can abate 10MtCO² per year.

Sarah Fleischer
CEO & Co-Founder at tozero

Sarah Fleischer is the co-founder and CEO of tozero, Europe’s first lithium-ion battery recycling startup. With a background in Mechanical Engineering from Technische Universität München and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Sarah brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to her ventures. Prior to founding tozero, Sarah acted as an economic advisor for the Luxembourg Space Agency and lectured on entrepreneurial finance at the University of Luxembourg. Before her time in the Sarah space research sector and then the energy industry, she founded several startups in the consumer goods industry.

Alan Patterson
30 Years in Machine Learning and Software Engineering, Ex-Google and Tech Startup Frequenter

Alan Patterson is an engineer and entrepreneur, with over 30 years of experience in AI/ML and software engineering. Among others, he worked at Google, was a Senior Director at eBay, and VP at HomeX. Alan worked at multiple startups, three of them with successful exits. This includes "Evi Technologies", a question-answering AI system that was acquired by Amazon and turned into Alexa, "", a large-scale AI advertising fraud detection system acquired by Google, and "Oxford Biosignals", a jet-engine AI monitoring system acquired by Roll Royce.

Hana Milanov
Professor of Entrepreneurship at TUM, academic director of the EMBA in Innovation and Business Creation, and CDTM Board member

Before her current position, Hana Milanov served as TUM Senior Vice President for Internationalization and Alumni and was a member of the EU Horizon 2020 Advisory Committee for Future Emerging Technologies. Prior to TUM, Hana was a professor at IE Business School, where she currently serves as a Visiting Faculty member. Recognized among Germany's top 20 professors supporting entrepreneurship in 2023, she has received multiple awards for her research and teaching. Her research is focused on how entrepreneurs acquire resources and its impact on opportunity exploitation and performance, with a focus on gender dynamics. Beyond academia, Hana supports innovation as an advisory board member at Spacewalk VC.

Roderick Rodenburg
CEO & Founder at Roseman Labs

Roderick Rodenburg blends profound engineering expertise with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Following a decade-long tenure at Unilever, Roderick embarked on a path of entrepreneurship initiating multiple data-collaboration platforms. Roderick is co-founder and CEO of Roseman Labs, a start-up specializing in sensitive data collaboration that received Spacewalk VC funding in 2023. Roderick will talk about computing on encrypted data and how new data sources can be unlocked by protecting data-privacy.

Zied Bahrouni
Zièd Bahrouni
CEO Motius

Zièd Bahrouni is CEO and co-founder of Motius R&D and an active member of research groups in the area of adaptive networks and their applications in social networks and artificial intelligence. He is also a partner in the deeptech fund Spacewalk VC and a member of several advisory boards in Germany.

Impressions from Tech Discovery Conference 2023:


Some of the Tech Discovery Conference 2023 Speakers:

Hamid Noori
Dr. Dr. Hamid Noori 
CEO at The Cultivated B
Andreas Mauer
Andreas Mauer
VP CTO & Chief Architect at Bosch Building Technologies
Lisa Oberaigner
Co-Founder and Managing Director of Emidat
Gregor Gimmy
Founder of 27pilots
Carlos Haertel
Dr. Carlos Härtel
CTO at Climeworks, Chairman of the University Council at Munich University of Applied Sciences
Philip Stanley-Marbell
Founder and CEO at Singaloid