GPT Use Cases Assessment: What is Technically and Financially Feasible?

With GPT-powered tools for internal document search (often also called Q&A tools), you can make many internal processes more efficient. Fill out our GPT Use Cases Assessment to discover the most promising use cases for your business.

Which GPT Use Cases Are Worth It For Your Business? Find It Out in under 3 minutes:

At least since GPT, there has been a lot of experimentation with AI. Often, this is limited to optimizing core business processes (smart products, IIoT in production, etc.). With GPT, companies can also use AI for internal workflows and processes by making internal knowledge more accessible and efficiently utilized. This can accelerate or simplify numerous processes, such as onboarding, sales, maintenance, legal advice, or customer service, where there are numerous GPT use cases.

Until now, the intelligent digitization of such processes (especially for medium-sized businesses) often did not pay off. Developing the required quality of a chatbot in these areas needed a significant development effort. Additionally, employees had to undergo lengthy training to use them. In relation to the number of salespeople, customer service representatives, and the like, the costs would not have been justified. With GPT, this has now changed.

Gain an overview of your possibilities with our GPT Use Case Assessment. We show you what is achievable, how much development effort to expect, and whether the ROI is viable. After all, a good use case is measured by its profitability.

This Is What You Get:

3 GPT Use Cases We will send you three promising GPT use cases and position them for you on a matrix (development effort / economic viability). Tailored individually to the needs of your organization.
Recommendations for next steps

To get straight into action, based on your information, we recommend what you should do next to identify the best GPT use case.

Who Consults You: Dr. Estefanía Díaz

Estefania is a Ph.D. engineer and has been with Motius since 2022 as a Product Owner and Gen-AI Solution Architect. She is responsible for project management of GPT-powered tools and is well-versed in topics such as data security, output reliability, and access management of large language models (LLMs).


What Happens After You Filled Out Your GPT Use Case Assessment ausgefüllt?

You will receive an overview of relevant GPT use cases and recommendations for the next steps from us within 2 business days. Why does it take 2 days? Predefined answers rarely hit the mark... that's why we take the time for an individual analysis.

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